In  Laber Kimya since 2005, in line with developments in Turkey and the world, cosmetic products  has been producing by considering the needs of the market and carrying out R & D activities. We develop product formulations with an innovative approach and offer healthy, natural, organic and effective products to the cosmetics sector.

During his childhood and chemistry education Mr. KAHRIMAN  has dreamed of producing healthy and natural cosmetics. With this imaginative passion, Laber Organic has become a value that produces organic, natural, vegan and innovative cosmetic products.

Iva Natura; It is a brand of certified organic cosmetics products derived from natural plants of uniqueness that grow in the untouched, magnificent nature of Anatolia.


Iva Natura products are prepared with plant extracts and oils, grown in the sheltered natural environments of Anatolia, remote from settlement.


The plants that grow together with thousands of years of historical beauty are completely unique to Anatolia.


While some plants show strength up to -40 degrees, some plants show durability up to +45 degrees.


Once you get out of the most pure water source of nature, those who drink this water are again these special plants.


Most of the plants are grown at high altitudes. Because the cleanest air and plenty of oxygen are found in these high altitudes.


These rich features of Anatolia give the plant its unique growth, self-renewal and survival ability.


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We care about innovation to develop safe and

effective cosmetic products.

We continue our consumer-focused studies with

the current scientific developments and social needs in mind.


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