Exporting to 13 countries, the company aims to increase effectiveness in the Asian market.


İva Natura Organik Kozmetik, which produces certified organic cosmetic products in İzmir, has recently added Philippines to its export range. Exporting to 13 countries, the company aims to increase effectiveness in the Asian market.


Turkey is a paradise for organic cosmetics  Iva Natura  Organic Cosmetics General Manager Levent KAHRIMAN says, "Although Turkey have a significant potential for organic cosmetics exports, but failed to convert this opportunity. An increasing interest in the use of organic cosmetics in the world. Especially in this interest we have once again determined our participation in the 2017 Germany-Vivaness and Dubai Middle East -Beauty World Fairs, and we are expanding our market as Iva Natura Organic Cosmetics, Holland, Poland, Germany, England, Denmark, United States, Saudi Arabia We are exporting to 13 countries including Kuwait, United Arab Emirates and Japan. We added our Philippines to our export network. We aim to be active in the Asian market in the coming period, "he said.

















High demand for organic cosmetics


Today the EU countries and the United States are  the most important sources feeding the organic cosmetics market recorded KAHRIMAN, "Turkey's beside the certification of the ingredients used in organic cosmetics produce organic cosmetics, a brand of organic cosmetics and more intense work in all processes up to reach consumers "he said.


Mr. Kahrıman emphasized that the consumption of organic cosmetic products increased rapidly throughout the world and stated that they prepared organic cosmetic products in line with their lifestyles, social status and expectations in the countries they export.


Nature friendly barrier-free products


İva Natura, General Manager of Organic Cosmetics Levent Kahrıman, develops our products which are safe for the consumers and which do not experiment on animals, respecting the nature by taking into consideration vegan and also gluten sensitive consumers. All production processes have international certificates. In addition, we prepared product labels for the visually impaired so that people with disabilities also have more awareness of organic life and have easy access to organic cosmetics. For the hearing impaired, explanatory videos were prepared in the Turkish Sign Language and in the sign languages of different countries. Hearing impaired consumers can easily access the descriptive videos in the sign language by the QR code application on the products. In a short period of time, we will start customer service for hearing impaired consumers. "He added that they attach importance to corporate social responsibility projects, which include social benefits as well as domestic and international sales activities." We aim to draw attention to Anatolian plants used in cosmetics and sustainable organic life. The award ceremony of the contest will be held in Istanbul next November, "he said.