Iva Natura Organic Cosmetics which manufacture certified organic cosmetics in Izmir export to 13 countries from England to Kuwait and is also a promising leader in the domestic market.

Levent Kahraman, General Manager of Iva Natura Organic Cosmetics, stated that “they have signed many initiatives as a pioneering organization in Turkey” and also adds that “Turkey is a paradise for organic cosmetics.” Kahraman: “Even though Turkey has an important potential in organic cosmetics, it has failed to turn this into an advantage in exportation.” Especially in our participation in the 2017 Germany-Vivaness and Dubai Middle East-Beauty World Fair, we have once again realized that our interest in the use of organic cosmetics in the World is increasing day by day. Iva Natura Organic Cosmetics exports to 13 countries which include; The Netherlands, Poland, Germany, England, Denmark, the United States, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates and Japan. The company also added the Philippines to their export network and stated that this signals to their efficiency in the the Asian market in the future.


The Organic Cosmetic Market


Given that today the EU countries and America are among the important competitors who meet the needs of the world’s organic cosmetics market, Kahraman said, “Turkey must be working harder on producing organic cosmetic products as well as on certifying the ingredients used in organic cosmetic products, branding organic cosmetics and reaching consumers. It is necessary.”




















The Highly Increasing Demand


Emphasizing that the consumption of organic cosmetics is increasing rapidly all over the world, Kahraman stated that they are preparing their own organic cosmetic products in accordance with the consumer’s life style, social status and expectation within the country that they are exporting to. Moreover, Kahraman highlights the fact that the presence of Anatolian plants in the content of the organic cosmetic products in consideration with the consumer demands abroad is also a pride for them.


Environmental Friendly


Levent Kahraman, the General Manager of Iva Natura Organic Cosmetics states that their products have international certifications and are environmental friendly, vegan, gluten free as well as not tested on animals.


We have also created product labels specifically for visually impaired people so that they can have more knowledge about organic life and have easy access to organic cosmetic products. For the hearing impaired, explanatory videos were prepared in the Turkish Sign Language and in the sign languages of different languages. Kahraman went on to say that “The descriptive videos in the sign language of hearing-impaired consumers can easily be reached by using the QR code on the products. We will also begin providing customer service for hearing-impaired consumers in a short period of time.”


Levent Kahraman, General Manager of Iva Natura Organic Cosmetics, stated that they give importance to corporate and social responsibility projects that include social benefits as well as domestic and international sales activities. “Iva Natura Cosmetic Short Film Competition organized in 2017 is the corporate social responsibility project of Iva Natura Organic Cosmetics and the goal of the Project is to bring attention to the Anatolian plants used in cosmetics and sustainable organic life.




Important names (Derviş Zaim, Coşkun Aral, Uğur İçbak, Oya Ayman, Ferhat Kazancı, Didem Balçın, Prof.Dr.Hüsnü Can Başer, Özcan Yüksek, Tevfik Başer, Müge Boz, Selin Demiratar ve Gülnihal Demir) in our country are voluntarily supporting the short film competition project. The awards for the short film competition will be presented to the winner in the Gala Night to be held in Istanbul in November 2017. “