EXPONATURA 2015, which is the only sectoral specialty fair of the Organic and Healthy Products sector, has been organized by over 200 participants from 7 different countries.

Iva Natura; Anatolia untouched, derived from natural plant the unique beauty that grows spectacular nature, certified organic cosmetics ... We are the Brand expert Gunay with Confidence interview yaptık.türkiye completely natural cosmetics made with plants collected from 27 cities; The skin of the lake with skin tonic, massage cream with salt of salt lake, licorice cream with a licorice collected from the mountain of Ağrı, the blueberry and the cream come to your home from the nature.

What's in the organic black mask?


On the one hand, blood red suckers were prepared with the extracts obtained from the fertile plains of Diyarbakır, whose roots were raining on the one hand and the roots dating back to the years before Christ. The cobansüzge plant collected from Diyarbakır province is rich in Saponin. Provides thorough cleaning and whiteness.


Usage: Take sufficient amount of product to cover the surface of your skin and rinse with plenty of water after 5 minutes. Apply twice a week.