The concept of "cosmetic agriculture" is a concept developed by our company. To emphasize the cultivation of plants used in cosmetic products and to establish a strong approach for sustainable cosmetics is a concept we are focusing on. While providing renewable inputs for the formulated formulas, we aim to create a model by creating new resources as well as an approach to resource consumption by cultivating new crops instead of every used agricultural component.

We can give Iva Natura as an example of this is the organic certified cosmetic products in the market. As Laber Organic Cosmetics we have taken a plant for every region with these products which are based on Anatolian plants and produced these plants and cosmetic products. As these cosmetic products are sold, we have created a new agricultural resource for that region and new entries for our cosmetic formulas.

We have targeted and initiated some crops to grow in our own cultivated areas as well as contract farming. This is a very important activity in terms of the more effective use of the resources of our country, which we care very much about cosmetic agriculture and which we encourage other producers to do too.