Mete Tamer Omur from Hürriyet made an interview with our General Manager Mr. Levent Kahrıman.


Like most immigrants, his father also opens a grocery store in Izmir.


Levent Kahrıman steps into his business life in the grocery store and starts to think about  about the chemical industry. Uses the university preference in this direction. Gaining experience in business with knowledge, gained from several formula books during his studies in chemistry in Balıkesir.


In an environment where all his friends are teachers, Kahrıman chooses professional business life. He had been in barber in  Isparta , the barber mix the cream and cologne and put  on his face, he inspired the dream for starting his own business. In 2005, he founded Laber with a capital of $ 1,500. The first product is colony cream. Levent Kahrıman, who steps up one by one in the cosmetics industry, is an important actor in the production of organic cosmetics with the Iva Natura brand and exports his prıducts now to 14 countries.There is also cosmetics village project on the agenda.

Levent Kahrıman ... A chemist who has always followed the hardest of his life. He is an entrepreneur who has been a pioneer in the cosmetic industry and achieved success with this vision. Levent Kahrıman, the founder of Laber Organik Cosmetics, talked about entrepreneurship adventure and future plans. Levent Kahrıman, who was born in Kars in 1979, stated that he was one of the 7 children of a farmer family and continued as follows:

First step at the grocery store.


“My father worked as a worker in Germany for a while, then he returned to his country and worked as a farmer. There was no middle school in our village. For this reason, the siblings who were in the middle school period usually went to relatives in the cities. I came to my relatives in Izmir in secondary school. My father cared about education. After a while he thought this could not continue and decided to move to Izmir. Like most immigrants, my father opened a grocery shop in Izmir. When I went to high school when my brother went to high school, my father was left alone at the grocery store. Until that time, I had to sell pottery in the market with occasional crisp. But I actually gained my work experience at my father's grocery store. I worked every day from 15:00 to 24: 00  in the shop”


Works 10 months free


In the period when he was working at the grocery store, he was interested in the chemical industry and used the university in this direction. Kahrıman, “ When I was studying chemistry in Balıkesir, I had no free time. I gained experience in businesses with the information I obtained from several formula books. When I finished school, all my friends were teachers and I drew my way. In order to gain experience as a chemist, I worked in Izmir for 10 months. Later on, I established a facility on cleaning products in Kars. Of course, it was not easy to do this in Kars. It took 1 year and decided to return to Izmir. I worked as an R & D consultant for nearly 4 years in an institution. I also taught at universities,  he said.

$ 1,500 capital


In 2005, he decided to establish his own business Kahrıman, he shared the process: uğ What I could do in a process of doing what I do different, I went to teach at the university in Isparta was an event light. I went to the barber, shave cream on my face after shaving and continued to mix cologne. There was a spark. I said to melt these two products in a single pot. With a capital of $ 1,500, I was able to produce and produce a colony cream on a 40 square meter area.


He's got an incredible reward for having unique product. Of course, after a while everyone started to  produce same product, after that I started to say, "what can I do new". I've produced a dehydrated car cleaning kit. I worked on organic cosmetics. I have produced 900 kinds of products. When I realized I couldn't get anywhere, by private label products,  I focused on w to the organic cosmetics. I created my own brand. And with the Iva Natura brand, we are now in a position to export 14 countries including Philippines and USA.


TONIC FROM Water of Van Lake


He said that IVA Natura received the power from Anatolia and said, We supply the necessary materials for our products from 26 cities in Turkey from  Izmir to Kars. For example, we negotiated with several villagers in Van and supplied the water of Lake Van. As we sold our tonic, a revenue model was created for the villagers. There were 26 products from Anatolia. And all products have histories the city they come from ”and shared the awareness they created.




Levent Kahrıman stated that he aimed to establish a, cosmetic village “in the style of SILIKON valley. Because we find it difficult to find plants with standard values. There will also be a museum here. A school for educational purposes. We are also planning a construction where the small manufacturer can produce. We care about local branding. We aim to bring a movement to the region where it is established with the festivals.




The size of the cosmetics sector THE WORLD 350 billion that Levent KAHRIMAN shares, "This is about 3.5 billion dollars in Turkey. The share of the organic cosmetics  is not even 100 million. But every year is growing from 4 to 8 percent. Turkey has a great chance here. Because you don't have a global brand to fight for. Our current product based on our average price is 5 dollars. Kilogram prices are 25 USD. The gain of $ 1 per kilo in Turkey's export cosmetic products, "he drew attention to the potential of organic cosmetics.



* Levent Kahrıman, on the other hand for the development of the cosmetic sector is running. Cosmetics Manufacturers and the president of the Association of Researchers financing Kahren, "There is no academic sources for cosmetics in Turkey. For this reason we have published 5 books. We organize congresses.

* This year they plan to open their stores in Turkey Levent transfer KAHRIMAN, "We want to offer something that is not offered at all" gave the information.