6. Ege Cosmetic Days, “Effective and Safe Cosmetic Product; But how? Esinde theme was at Ege University Faculty of Pharmacy. Professor of the organization. Dr. Özgen Özer emphasized the importance of safe products for human health and stated that they would continue to do so because they care about such organizations. In the event, allowing participation of experts from Turkey Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Institution, shared their work on these issues for public health. Saadet Çağl, the President of the Chamber of Chemical Engineers, mentioned in his speech that there is a big production potential in our country. Cosmetics Manufacturers and Researchers Association (KÜAD), President of the Chemist Levent Kahrıman, in his speech, said that our country has a very large historical heritage and this heritage will constitute important inputs for the cosmetic sector of our country. In the framework of ethnocosmetic, Kahrıman stated that natural cosmetics may be an important strategy for our country and emphasized the importance of being together and being on the values of our country.

The event, where a large number of participants were present, provided an important opportunity for many manufacturers participating in the foyer area to introduce their products.