Mainly German and French companies participated in Organic Cosmetics Fair. Chairman of the Laber Organic Cosmetic  and President of  Turkish Cosmetics Manufacturer and Researchers Association Mr. Levent KAHRIMAN,  said that  prebiotic cosmetic products, organic cleaning sponge and hair dye organic shampoo are the main products of Organic Cosmetics Fair.



















Organic cosmetics are growing rapidly all over the world, Turkey also took the important place  in recent years about organic cosmetics. While  Anatolian medicinal plants are gaining great momentum, organic cosmetics manufacturers in Turkey represents successfully our country in reputed exhibitions.



The organic cosmetics fair was dominated by German and French companies. Turkey also represented by   Laber Organic Cosmetics from Izmir.


5 percent of the perfume, 5 percent soap, 5 percent product accessories, 10 percent color cosmetics and the rest of the cosmetic and personal care products consisting of color cosmetics exhibited new trends in the fair.



Mr. Levent KAHRIMAN, chairman of  Cosmetic Producers and Researchers Association,  said that prebiotic cosmetic products, organic cleaning sponges and organic shampoos dyeing hair come to the fore in the Organic Cosmetics Fair. He also stated that, they had chance to share the potential of Turkey in the cosmetics fair.



Fair is an important start for those who want to enter the organic cosmetics market. In this sense, the fair is a significant reference to the exhibition as well as a significant meeting within the business partners. In this sense, we are proud of representing our country in the organic cosmetics sector.