Laber Kimya since 2005 and as the Laber Organic  since 2015 have conducted R & D activities  according to developments in Turkey and the world, keeping in mind the needs of the market.

Our services are provided to our customers through formulations created in the direction of our R & D studies. Customer satisfaction is carried to a higher level by preparing presentations and informing the customers during these production formulations. All legal processes, production processes and tests of the formulations are  presented with details.

In addition, material safety data  sheets are also provided to customers - MSDS - to establish the chemical identity of the formulations being worked on. Apart from the R & D studies presented in the sector, products that are pioneers in the field of cosmetics and car care products are presented to the market with Laber, our registered trademark. Especially the innovative perspective forms the common feature of our products. In the car group, Laber Waterless Car Clean - a 'first production' in our country - enabled us to open a new business area in the sector. There is also a significant environmental impact on water pollution and uncontrolled water consumption, which has become an ecological problem.