In addition to economic development on the first day of our establishment, we continue our activities in this area with deep understanding of social responsibility by adopting the principle of working in the development of social life.

We are continuing our social responsibility activities in the fields of environment and culture-arts in accordance with the current needs of our country and in a widespread and sustainable way.

We continue to work to encourage companies operating in cosmetically similar sectors to develop corporate social responsibility projects and to inspire different institutions and organizations to create new projects that will support the environment, nature, art and artists.



With the Iva Natura Cosmetic Short Film Competition, we aim to explain the importance of Anatolian plants used in cosmetics and to reveal artistic works related to these plants and to raise awareness in this way.


We think that we will contribute to the recognition of the value of our plant richness as well as the usage areas of plants used extensively in cosmetics with short films about the Anatolian plants used in the cosmetic sector and the humorous stories of these plants.
















We would like to involve disabled people from our country and from different countries to this project , so that disabled people can meet with art through a short film contest.


We want to have more knowledge and awareness of Anatolian plants, endemic species in our country, sustainable organic life, poverty and animal cruelty free products, through the short film competition.


We aim to create new platforms by bringing together people, disabled people and institutions who make short film studies through the competition.


Today, unconscious agricultural drugs, hormones and fertilizer use as a result of the damage has reached high levels. The toxic effect that occurs in the human body due to the consumption of the products produced under these conditions causes many diseases. Due to these misapplications and genetically modified products that are becoming widespread, ecological balance is deteriorating.











The "Barrier Free Organic Life" project has been developed in order to enable people with disabilities to have more information about organic life, to be conscious and to reach "organic products" without help from others.


All organic cosmetic products produced by our company under this project have been supported by "Braille" alphabet so that visually impaired people can understand the contents of organic products more easily. Labels are designed according to Braille Alphabet.


Hearing impaired people will be able to access promotional videos and product content prepared in sign language with QR code.

Establishment of  Detergent  Production  UNIT for the Occupation of

Diyarbakır Open Prison Prisoners

It is known that the prisoners have suffered a lot in civil life after completing their sentences, and that unemployment comes at the beginning of these troubles. These unemployed people can commit a crime again.

When returning to civilian life, trainings were given in order to gain occupation in the cosmetics industry and detergent  production unit was established. Prisoners and detainees have started to produce and sell detergents in the prison due to the training they have received.

The main goal of the establishment of the production unit is to educate the prisoners who have been punished with various crimes, to reduce the percentage of recidivism by encouraging their personal development with education.


The handbook prepared with graphics and various visuals containing information on how to read the labels of the cosmetic products used by the consumers and this handbook is distributed at various congresses and fairs. The main purpose of preparing the handbook is to make consumers aware of whether the labels on cosmetic products cause errors and whether they are prepared with accurate and understandable information that will not harm human health.

The published handbook specifies what needs to be found on the labels and includes expressions and symbols that must be found on the cosmetic product labels.