We are working on the development of the organic cosmetic industry and on raising awareness and awareness about the consumer's organic cosmetics sector.


The first and leading brand in Turkey working on sustainability cosmetics, Laber Organic Cosmetics respects the rights of animals and staff who continued to operate with sensitivity in this direction.


Management's planning, implementation, supervision and reporting phase are designed in this direction.


Our company's activities and practices are consistent with the sustainability goals set by the United Nations.


The production processes and sales processes of our products and services are suitable for environmental regulation.

Our work in this direction;

Member of Laber Kimya Cosmetic Production and Research Association (KUAD).

First National Cosmetic Short Film Competition Organization

Supporting agricultural crops in different regions of Turkey of Cosmetics

Developing projects to increase women's employment in organic cosmetics sector

Seminar organizations in universities in order to gain employees in the sector

The analysis of cosmetic products and the introduction of world famous works such as cosmetic microbiology

Six congress organizations with cosmetics aimed at bringing the academy and industry together


Academic studies;

Synthesis, Characterization and Antimicrobial Activity of Zinc Coated Hydroxyapatites

Cosmetic Product Safety Evaluation

In Vitro Test Method in Cosmetic Products

Cosmetic applications of Van Lake as a tonic

Extraction of Cedarwood Sativa L. Oil and Use in Creams; Examination of antibacterial properties

Examination of Hypericum Perforatum L. Usage and Antibacterial Properties in Cream