At the conference titled  Cosmetic Plants of Anatolia "organized by Düzce University Environmental and Health Technologies Specialization Coordinator, Chemist Levent Kahrıman shared his knowledge and experiences with the participants.


The program held in the Düzce University Istiklal Conference Hall, Vice Rector of Düzce University. Dr. Prof. Dr. İdris Şahin, Coordinator of Specialization in Environmental and Health Technologies Dr. Prof. Halil İbrahim Uğraş, Vice Dean of the Faculty of Forestry Dr. Prof. Dr. Necmi Aksoy, Head of Department of Plant Protection, Faculty of Agriculture and Natural Sciences Dr. İsmet Yıldırım, Provincial Director of Provincial Directorate of Food, Agriculture and Livestock Necdet Çiçek, Branch Manager Hüseyin Dikmen, academic staff and students attended.



















In his opening speech, Düzce University Environmental and Health Technologies Specialization Coordinator Prof.Dr. Dr. Halil İbrahim Uğraş stated that the conference was organized within the scope of the Specialization Program in the Environment and Health Areas and stated that,   Levent Kahrıman, who is a former student and who works for production when he was a student, created  his own brand. He said that Anatolia is a homeland of heaven. Dr. Uğraş stated  that we should work and develop to protect and improve our homeland.

and thanked,

 invited speaker. ”Old people are using plants and cosmetics for  not to dye,  and today's people use it not to get old“


After the opening speech, the chemist Levent Kahrıman was invited to the podium to present his presentation. He stated that the cosmetic products are used by old people in order not to die; up to 15 years ago 22 thousand kinds of cosmetic products in synthetic products are used and people who use these products do not know that they will  face health problems in the following years, they turn to natural products.


The first wheat  in history was produced in this land in  Anatolia, 10-11 thousand pla species were grown in approximately 3 thousand type is endemic species and  the first grain in history is produced in this land, that this potential should be evaluated said LEvent KAHRIMAN. Approximately one thousand medical and aromatic plants are used for for the treatment At the end of his presentation, the chemist Levent Kahrıman shared with the audience the award winning films at the Iva Natura Cosmetics Short Film Competition. At the end of the program, for his successful work and presentation, he was awarded by Vice Rector of Düzce University. Certificate of thanks and plaque was presented by Idris Sahin.