A cosmetic company based in IZMIR produced a facial care tonic with an organic formulation of the rose water of Isparta, Izmir's thyme and the water of Lake Van. General Manager of the company Levent Kahrıman, "Van Lake's mineral spring waters and rose and thyme extracts combined with modern technology have developed a new" face care tonic. Our organic facial care tonic activates the skin's blood circulation and revitalizes the skin, "he said.


Turkey's largest lake in the position, turquoise cessation fans who are self image with 3 thousand 713 square kilometers of Lake Van, the water began to be used in cosmetics. İva Natura Organic Cosmetics, which is located in İzmir, produced an organic formulation of the water of Isparta, Izmir's thyme and Van Lake and produced a tonic. İva Natura Organic Cosmetics General Manager Levent Kahrıman emphasized that Van Lake is not yet sufficiently explored with its historical texture, vegetation, culture and many other characteristics.















Kahrıman, Van Lake water can not be used in cosmetics in an idea that they started to shape and Van Lake water in cosmetics for the use of the first steps in the research that they are taking the first step to participate in a conference, where they met with faculty, academics and the study to make the necessary research in this subject offer a proposal he said. General Manager Levent Kahrıman said that the waters taken from different points of Lake Van were examined and according to the results, they decided to produce the water of Lake Van as a tonic.


"We created an organic formulation of Izmir's thyme with rose water from Isparta and documented it organically. We brought these products together with our consumers in our country and abroad. In this process, we were inspired by the natural richness of Lake Van and its surroundings. We developed a new 'face care tonic' by combining roses and thyme extracts with modern technology.Our organic facial care tonic activates the blood circulation of the skin and revitalizes the skin. Geography of Lake Van's biological richness, using organic cosmetic products in Turkey and we are opening new era in the world. Customers who choose our organic cosmetics are very surprised to see that all our products are produced in Anatolia plants. Van Lake's water This product, which we produce from both, is very ambitious as a gluten free and vegan cosmetic product, and our organic cosmetic products are produced without experiments on animals. Iva Natura as Organic Cosmetics; We are a company that values ecological structure, the richness of our country, Anatolian plants and Anatolian culture. Human health is more important to us than anything else. For this reason, we bring organicity to the fore in our products. "