FROM DUNYA  Newspaper columnist Ahmet COŞKUNAYDIN


Women, cosmetics and beauty concepts that can not be separated from each other. The history of cosmetics is almost as much as the history of humanity. In recent years, the return to natural life and natural products has been reflected in cosmetic production. Cosmetics, which are complementary to women's beauty, are a fast strap towards cosmetics produced from various herbs and flowers that are completely collected from nature.


İVA Natura, founded in İzmir, has started a pioneer in this field. The organization, together with the women who are keen to produce their own cosmetics, collect the necessary flowers from the nature together and then teach them how to produce cosmetics naturally from these flowers and herbs by practicing in their own laboratories.


















İVA Natura, in this way, gives our women the love of nature, the love of flowers, as well as the recognition of their flowers and herbs. İVA Natura Chairman of the Board of Directors Levent Kahrıman, as a result of the initiatives they started, our women, of course, in the curious men of their natural cosmetics creatures create environments that specify their creatures, among these curious producers to target the new entrepreneurs said. However, the increase in the number of new entrepreneurs will be an important contribution to our economy.

With this initiative launched by İVA Natura, many women will be able to produce their own cosmetics in the safest way, as well as produce other soap and soap in natural ingredients.


The spread of this practice will also contribute significantly to the participation of women as economists in the economy. In addition to the spread of natural products throughout the country, the protection of nature and various flowers and herbs will also become widespread.


In addition to all of these, İVA Natura makes another positive contribution to our women in various walks in different regions by showing and teaching the different herbs and flowers used in cosmetics freely.